everyone can do something.


No one can do everything

MP Award CUSSW 96

One of Many Service Awards Received by Mary Powell


Welcome to the Mary Powell Foundation

A registered non-profit organization (501c3) dedicated to continuing the good works of a remarkable, selfless woman who took the initiative to become involved in her community and to fight for social justice.

Our Mission

To support people, organizations and causes that exhibit the traits and ideals demonstrated by Mary Powell throughout her remarkable life. Selfless dedication to helping others, doing what is morally right, and taking the initiative to become involved in one’s community are the traits the MPF seeks to exhibit and support.

Our Mission

100% of Proceeds to Charity

100% of our proceeds are donated or used directly for the causes and programs listed here on our website.

Our Programs

Our History

Our history begins with the selfless service to the Brooklyn community by Mary Powell.

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